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Coming Soon & FAQ's!


Let us introduce ourselves. We are Lashaholic Lashes, a luxury false eyelash company that offers a selection of amazing lashes from GLAM to BAM! Our lashes are made from a variety of fibers ranging from synthetic to 100% Siberian Mink while featuring an assortment of styles and thickness to help bring out your inner LASHAHOLIC! Before you go and get all activist on us, don’t! We love animals just as much as the next, so we made sure the gathering process for those furry little cuties is during their natural shedding cycle and is 100% cruelty-free!  #allanimalsmatter.

All of our lashes are properly sterilized, carefully handcrafted and of course, 100% amazing! Our lashes have a life expectancy of anywhere between 5-20 wears, depending on the collection. Some have seen up to 30 wears! WOW The more careful you are with them, they longer they’ll last. Get the most out of your batting beauties, for multiple wears just follow the care instructions with every order located inside your lashbox.  Take a take a look at the style guide to find the pair that’s just right for you and get ready to unleash your inner LASHAHOLIC.


Below are some FAQ's about our company and what's to come, so check it out!

1.When will Lashaholic Lashes officially launch?

  • Great question! Things are coming along just as planned and currently our lashes and packaging are all in production. We anticipate them being delivered to us in the early June 2017. We then will carefully inspect each and every pair of lashes, to make sure the quality is of what we expect {and we have some high expectations!}. From there we will GO LIVE and spread our love of lashes with the world!

2. Will Lashaholic Lashes offer discounts?

  • Certainly! What's a good company without some promos? At the bottom of every page on our website there is an area  that says "Get your fix!" Enter your email to sign up for our newsletter and find out about all our upcoming specials, new products and anything amazing happening. We promise not to SPAM you, because there's nothing more annoying than that!

3. Will Lashaholic Lashes ship internationally?

  •  You bet! We will ship to any Lashaholic that wants our goods and is willing to pay in good 'ol American dollars!

4. Does Lashaholic Lashes offer FREE SHIPPING?

  • Yes, customers within the United States will be eligible for free shipping with a purchase of $25.00 or more! {YES, Savings!!}

5. Does Lashaholic Lashes offer a Collaboration/Ambassador program?

  • Yes we do! If you are interested in collaborating with Lashaholic Lashes, please email us at and in the subject line reference Lashaholic Lashes Collaboration/Ambassador program.

6. Does Lashaholic Lashes offer Bulk discount?

  • At this time, we do not offer any Bulk discounts. We hope to allow this in the future.

7. Does Lashaholic Lashes comes with adhesive?

  • Adhesive is sold separately, and not currently available through Lashaholic Lashes. We recommend purchasing DUO adhesive, which can be found at most beauty retail stores and big box retail stores. 


We are seriously so amped up to launch our site, we KNOW you all will love our lashes and even more love our brand! We aim to please and look forward to bringing out your inner LASHAHOLIC!


Ready. Set. Get Addicted.

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