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Stronger than yesterday



{Lashaholic x Jared Lips} Stronger than yesterday -  Celebrity makeup artist @Jaredlips, who was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and Lashaholic Lashes teamed up to kick cancers LASH! The name comes from one Jared's  inspirations, Brittney Spears, and her song STRONGER, as he fights day to day to be Stronger, than yesterday.  A large portion of proceeds from every STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY lash sold will be donated directly to Jared to assist with medical bills and support his fight against cancer.

This special edition lash features 100% Silk fibers on a soft cotton band made for easy application. Medium and small clusters alternate and gradually meet at their greatest length towards the center of the lash. Stronger than yesterday is the ultimate reusable lash giving you volume while not going over the top, and is great for all eye shapes!
Thickness Level: Medium
Recommended eye shape: All eye shapes; Mostly almond, round or hooded eyes
Inner corner: 1/4” 6.35MM
Center: 1/2” 12.7 MM 
Outer Corner: 1/4” 6.35MM